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The Admissions Avoidance Hub, Humber Transforming Care Partnership facilitate the following processes across the Humber region:

  • Co-ordination of the Dynamic Support Register (DSR) to track the journeys of individuals with LD and/or autism who are at risk of hospital admission
  • Whilst tracking the journey if the Hub have concerns about escalating risk this is communicated to wider services (Health, Social Care, Education, Commissioning, Hospital Services)
  • If the risk remains and there are concerns about coordination of response this is taken to the relevant DSR Network
  • Chairing of the DSR Networks which have overall responsibility for the DSR and managing any risk recorded there
  • Care (Education) and Treatment Reviews
  • Local Area Emergency Protocols (previously referred to as ‘Blue Light CTRs)

The Hub would welcome your feedback on how our processes are developing so far, in order to be assured that they are having a beneficial impact.

Please complete the below questionnaire to submit your feedback.

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