May 03

The Humber Transforming Care Partnership Big Plan 2022/2023

‘’In the Humber we want autistic people and people with a learning disability to lead happy and healthy lives in communities where skills, strengths and talents are recognised and valued by all’’

Inclusion North were asked by the Humber Transforming Care Partnership to support them to co-produce the big plan to ensure that the voice of local people with a learning disability, autistic people and family carers was heard and included.

The Co-production Network explains co-production:

‘Co-production is an approach where people, family members, carers, organisations and commissioners work together in an equal way, sharing influence, skills and experience to design, deliver and monitor services and projects’.

Inclusion North’s role was to be an independent facilitator to bring together the Humber Transforming Care Partnership, local people with lived experience and other partners.

The plan is nearing the final stages and we can’t wait to share this with you. 

In the meantime, you can find out more information about Inclusion North on the link below.

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